Quaintrelle  (quaint – relle) n. A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and the cultivation of life’s pleasures.   

Quaintrelle is a Calligraphy and Design business that was built out of a love for beautiful things and life's many adventures. We believe that every celebration, every event, and every home has a personality. Our hope is to bring each of our client's unique personalities and dreams to life!

Based out of Denver, CO we specialize in calligraphy and design for Weddings, Events and Home Decor. We offer a variety of services including envelope addressing, signage, home decor, event design, and day of details. Quaintrelle thrives on custom work because it allows us to get to know our clients and take our creativity to new levels. Take a look around and fill out the contact form to get started!  

Hi! I'm Katie. I am the owner, designer, and self-proclaimed "Boss Lady" here at Quaintrelle.  I am an aspiring calligrapher and designer by day, and red wine enthusiast by night. Based out of Denver, Colorado I currently live and work out of our first home (built in the 1940's) that we also like to refer to as the "doll house." It is equal parts character and hilarity.  I live with my husband Matt, our cat Kronk, and our 8-month-old Great Pyrenees pup named Norman.

My Story: I have always been a dreamer, a doodler, and a lover of pretty things and pretty spaces.  I grew up one of five kids (we are all incredibly different which is what makes it so fun) which might be the reason I fell in love with celebration in the first place. Amidst the mess of life, our celebrations were always one's to be remembered... not because they were extravagant or perfect, but because of the joy and sense of belonging that accompanied them. I remember the countless little dance parties to celebrate a long week's end, my brother drinking 3 bottles of sparkling cider as a dare to himself to  make us laugh, and the silly little traditions that we will all carry on over the years like waffles on Christmas Eve and sleeping by the fire at mom's house on the night of the first snowfall. The magic of celebrating moments, big or small, has become something that inspires me. It has taught me to recognize and appreciate beauty in the smallest of details; be it a great cup of coffee, a conversation with an old friend or the smell of a spruce candle on a quiet evening. This business is built out of that. 

My love for calligraphy began right after my own wedding (aka the most epic dance party ever). It was the result of a traveling husband and a soul that longed to create in the midst of a corporate career. Soon, the evenings gave way to exploring different letters, words, inks and alphabets. I'll have to show you the first alphabet I ever tried to write with a dip pen...EMBARRASSING. However, that's the best part...  it has and always will be an adventure; a journey to keep learning, keep growing, and keep exploring.

Calligraphy has quickly breathed life into my love for decor and for creating intentional and welcoming spaces. It started opening doors for me in both the wedding and event industry as well as pushing me to create my own Etsy shop that often features different home decor items. As a result, I hung up the corporate heels (I still love heels, don't get me wrong) and decided to take the risk of opening this business. The last six months have been full of steep learning curves, late night dance parties, copious amounts of coffee and prayer, and very little sleep but they have humbled me more than I ever thought possible. 

Quaintrelle is my dream, built out of a desire to create and share beauty. I believe in the adventures and celebrations that life has to offer and I hope to use my passion for calligraphy and design to ensure that your moments, your homes and your celebrations invite people in and tell your unique stories. 



Meet Matt: Co-Owner 

Matt is the muscle behind Quaintrelle, and as he will frequently tell you he is THRILLED to be the co-owner of a company that represents "a woman who emphasizes a life of passion." That being said, he gladly spends his nights building signs and dealing with all of the things that Katie isn't good at (NUMBERS). He is the provider of countless dad-jokes (he's not even a dad yet) and loves to mercilessly tease Katie. The most supportive husband you will ever meet, he deserves all the high-fives in the world. 




Meet Kronk: The Studio Cat 

Kronk is our 2 year old cat whose name absolutely comes from "Emperor's New Groove." His favorite pastimes include sleeping, snuggling, and more sleeping. Occasionally you will find him curled up in the sink just waiting for Katie to come try to rinse out her brushes but recently he has become fond of getting his younger brother Norman in heaps of trouble. 

Meet Norman!

Norman is our 8 month-old Great Pyrenees pup that we rescued from an awesome organization called Big Dogs Huge Paws. Currently weighing in around 85lbs. his favorite pastimes include sitting on other dogs (he's not fast enough to catch them), eating, and hanging out in the bathtub for no reason at all. He also enjoys eating one shoe out of every pair Katie owns, so if she shows up to a meeting with two different shoes on you know who to blame!