meet the team! 

Quaintrelle  (quaint – relle) n. A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and the cultivation of life’s pleasures.

Quaintrelle is a Calligraphy and Design business that was built out of a love for beautiful things and life's many adventures. We believe that every celebration, every event, and every home has a personality. Our hope is to bring each of our client's unique personalities and dreams to life!

Based out of Denver, CO we specialize in Weddings, Events and Home Decor. We offer a variety of services including invitations, envelope addressing, illustrations, signage, home decor, event design and coordination, seating charts, place cards, etc. Quaintrelle thrives on custom work because it allows us to get to know our clients, and take our creativity to new levels. Take a look around and fill out the contact form to get started!  



Katie: Owner, Designer, Boss-Lady

Meet Katie! Katie is the mastermind, creative genius, and driving force behind Quaintrelle. She recently hung up her corporate high heels (she still wears heels all the time...) to create this company. Katie is what we like to call a "lover of all things pretty." Be it a cute outfit, a well-decorated home, or a garden full of peonies, you can be sure that she will stop to appreciate it! Quaintrelle is her dream, built out of her desire to create and share beauty with the world. She believes in the adventures and celebrations that life has to offer. She hopes to use her passion for calligraphy and design, and her love for people, to ensure that your moments, your homes, and your celebrations invite people in and tell your stories. 


Matt: Co-Owner, Minion

Matt is the muscle behind Quaintrelle, and as he will frequently tell you he is THRILLED to be the co-owner of a company that represents "a woman who emphasizes a life of passion." That being said, he gladly spends his nights building signs and dealing with all of the things that Katie isn't good at (NUMBERS). He is the provider of countless dad-jokes (he's not even a dad yet) and loves to mercilessly tease Katie. 

IMG_1046 (2).jpg


Norman is our 5-month old Great Pyrenees pup who has added so much fun and FUR to our lives. Currently weighing in at just over 50 lbs, he enjoys following Kronk around and running into things (he doesn't quite understand his size yet). 





Kronk is our 1.5 year old cat. While Matt historically has not gotten along with cats, he is a huge fan of Kronk. You may see Kronk's pawprints on some of Katie's work, just consider it him putting his "signature touch" on the artwork.